- 2nd Tournament Drive Tour - Youth National Championship

Was played at Ribagolf I and II, days 14 and 15 April

2nd Tournament Drive Tour - Youth National Championship

The 2nd Tournament Drive Tour - Youth National Championship was played at 14th and 15th April, at Campo Ribagolfe I and II, at Benavente where the results indicated below were obtained.

KIko Francisco Coelho was the winner in Under16 with 221 strokes (72-74-75) and in 2nd place was Lucas Azinheiro with 230 strokes (74-78-78).In the Under18 also played Gonçalo Teodoro that was in 8º with 243 strokes and Oscar Amado of Carvalho that was in 12th with 245 strokes. Floris Steunenberg, David Rocha Martins and João Félix Mendes did not score because they only played 2 laps. The winner was Pedro Clare Neves, from Miramar with 227 strokes and in the ladies, Inês Isabel Santos, from Oporto with 242 strokes.

Note that the players of Under18 and Under16 played three 18-hole rounds in two days and the Under12 and Under14 played two 18-hole rounds in both days.

In the Ladies category, Maia Samuelsson reached the 2nd place, in Under16, with 242 strokes (81-79-82). Leonor Duarte also in the same category ended up not having classification because only played two laps.

In the Under16 played Jamie Mann who was 5th, Tomas Mician who was 8th, Bruno Vicente who was in 9th place, Luca Lopes that was in 10th place and Miguel Krowicki that was in 11th place. Leonardo Rocha, like his previous colleagues, also did not obtain classification. In the ladies the winner was Leonor Medeiros, from Quinta do Peru with 237 strokes.

In the Under14 played Ricardo Serpa and Alexander Amey, both in 5th place with 163 strokes. Henrique Rebelo was in 21st. The winner was Pedro Afonso Freites, Miramar with 151 strokes and the winner was Sofia Barroso Sá, from Quinta do Peru with 155 strokes.

In the Under12 played Pedro Crasi Alves, who was in 6th place with 180 strokes (86 + 94) and Dinis Silva Rebelo, who was 14th with 203 strokes (105 + 98). The winner was Tomás Afonso Araujo, from Miramar with 163 strokes. Ladies didn't enter in this category.


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