- Lucas Azinheiro and Carlos Conceicão are new champions in men

Days 23 and 24 of June, in Oeiras Golf

Lucas Azinheiro and Carlos Conceicão are new champions in men

The event took place this weekend at Oeiras Golf and consecrated two more pairs: Luciana Reis and Constança Mendonça, in ladies; and Antonio Pires and Ian Bolwell, in seniors.

Carlos Conceição and Lucas Azinheiro, in the men; Luciana Reis and Constança Mendonça, in ladies; and Antonio Pires and Ian Bolwell, in seniors (above 50 years). Here are the three pairs consecrated this weekend in the Absolute National Championship of Pairs - Absolute & Senior, in Oeiras Golf. In common to all, they have led the race from start to finish and have won at least four strokes of advantage over the competition.

Carlos Conceição of CG Morgado do Reguengo and Lucas Azinheiro of CG Vilamoura, aged 18 and 16, respectively, were the only of the 12 pairs in the men's competition to make two laps in the 70 strokes. In a field of Par 74 and in the mode of play of foursomes (alternating strokes, with a single ball), they added 156 strokes (79-77), 8 above the Pair, winning with four of an advantage over João Teixeira and Costa / João Pereira (83-77) of Beloura. The winners are Tomás Melo Gouveia / Francisco Oliveira, from the CG Vilamoura. Victor Jesus and Miguel Miranda, from Quinta do Peru, were third with 163 (80-83).

"It was undoubtedly a great experience, we played good golf, although we had three or four holes that were weighed in the card," said Carlos Conceição, noting that they added an aggregate of 8 over Par, with 9 over Par in only four holes. "But the most important thing was that we had a lot of fun and it was a spectacular weekend, it was also a bit of what we thought: enjoy the game and have fun, the result of our friendship," he added.

In the ladies there were only three pairs participating, and the title smiled to the youngest. Luciana Reis and Constança Mendonça of CG Jamor, both only 13 years old, gave no chance to the competition totaling 179 (89-90), 31 over Par, which gave them a final advantage of 12 strokes over Mafalda Magalhães / Luísa Cruz (98-93), players of the "house". The third pair, made up of Maria Odete Cabral and Grace Xiao of Benfica, scored 207 (105-102). "We are proud, yes, and it gives us motivation for the next tournaments," said Constança Mendonça.

Finally, in the seniors, with five pairs in competition, António Pires and Ian Bolwell, from Beloura, revalidated the title won last year at Bom Sucesso. With 166 (82-84), 18 over Par, their closest opponents, Júlio Figueiredo / Ronald Goddard of CG Estoril, left four strokes away. "It was not an easy win, but it was a tasty victory, because the course is very demanding and the Estoril team never dropped their arms and it was very competitive," said António Pires.

In the photograph: Carlos Conceição and Lucas Azinheiro with João Pedro Oliveira (FPG Marketing Director) © Vasco Vilhena / GolfTattoo / FPG

FPG Press Office

Lisbon, June 25, 2018


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