Monthly Competition - 16.06.2018

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Texas Scramble Tournament - Pairs



16th June 2018


No Shows or Cancelation after 24 hours have to be payed in full.

Tee off times


Players are requested to check in at least 30 minutes prior to their tee-off times

Start: 07h30


This is a stroke play competition, with modified Texas Scramble rules as follows:

  • Both players in each team play shots off all tees in any order, as agreed between them, and they choose the more suitable ball to continue the hole.

    • At least eight tee-shots must be chosen by each of the two players during the round.
  • After choosing the more suitable tee-shot, both players play again, firstly the one whose ball was chosen and from the spot where the ball came to rest, then the other plays by placing his/her ball within one card length from that spot, but no closer to the green. Exception: When the chosen ball was played from a bunker. In this case the lie must firstly be reconstructed after the first player hits it so that the other team member may fairly play his next shot.

  • The same procedure of play is repeated until reaching the green.

  • Once on the green, the better ball is chosen and only it is then played alternately by each team member until it is holed out, with the first putt being stroked by player whose ball was not chosen;

  • The chosen ball on the green cannot be replaced by another, even by the one that was not chosen.

  • Any infringement of these rules will lead to disqualification of the team.

  • The result of each team shall be based on the 18-hole total of strokes played.


  • The maximum EGA handicaps allowed are 28 for men and 36 for ladies. Higher handicaps shall be adjusted by the tournament committee.

  • The team playing handicaps will be calculated as follows:  40% of the higher playing handicap and 60% of the lower playing handicap.

Field limited to 60


R&A Rules, and Local Rules as established by the Tournament Committee.

Penalty for breaking local rule is disqualification


  • In the event of ties, classifications shall be decided on count-backs over the last 9, 6, 3 holes or the final hole, in that order. Should ties persist, winning teams shall be decided by the lowest handicap for net prizes and the highest handicap for the gross ones. Should there still be any ties they shall be decided by draws.


  • 1st par: 2 vouchers 30€ 

  • 2nd par: 2 vouchers 25€

  • 3rd par: 2 vocuhers 20€


Shoes with soft spikes only. 

Cost of entry
  • Members: Green fee + 5€

  • Júniores: 5€


Not included


Enter by 12h00 noon on Wednesday, 13th June, 

 To enter the competition just fill the entry form.
For further information kindly contact Vilamoura Golf Club by e-mail - or phone 289 321 708


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